Image Shadow Creation

Image Shadow Creation

Image shadow creation is a graphical method that creates an artificial shadow on the product image to make it look like a natural image to prospective customers. A simple photo without editing, retouching, and manipulation may not appeal to your customers. However, an image with a perfect background, editing, and retouching can give you an outstanding result.

A product must explain its purpose to its consumers. By creating a shadow to the image, you can enhance your product, double the magnificence, and give a natural essence to your product. In today’s business environment, a well-fortified online presence is a must for every e-commerce business. Almost all brands are using image shadow creation techniques to improve the image quality of their products. It is the most common and well-practiced image manipulation technique in e-com businesses.

What Image shadow creation does?

Image shadow creation adds value to the product image and helps impress the customer in buying that product. This graphical technique creates an artificial shadow on the image to look more appealing and natural. Generally, when you capture a photo, a natural shadow exists. Sometimes that shadow is not looking good and does not enhance the product. So, a picture needs an edit to look perfect, genuine, and more attractive. Image shadow creation gives the perfect natural-looking shadow to your product and makes the product look beautiful.

Types of Image Shadow Creation

Following are the types of image shadow creation:

  • Drop shadow
  • Natural Shadow
  • Cast shadow
  • Reflection shadow
  • Original shadow

Who can Use Image Shadow Creation Services?

As discussed earlier, image shadow creation services are an essential part of the e-commerce industry. If you are an e-commerce business owner, you need to display your products in the best possible way for your customers. You need to put the final products to your customer attractively and beautifully to persuade them to the final result, a sale.

A natural-looking and realistic image can attract customers who visit your site to buy the product. If they find the product image unrealistic and dull, they might go back and change their mind regarding purchase. Just with the touch of image shadow creation services, you have a chance to improve your brand visibility and increase your profit.

Businesses can use shadow services for the following purposes:

  • Comply with e-bay products displaying guidelines
  • for e-com products
  • for perfect photo masking
  • to smooth the edges of an image
  • to draw attention to your jewelry products
  • to retouch your jewelry’s final image

Our Image Shadow Creation Services 

Are you applying the shadow to your images yourself and not getting the results you want?

Stop wasting your time, energy, and a lot of effort doing the task. We can provide you with perfect, attractive, beautiful, and natural-looking image shadow creation services. Our shadow experts perform a couple of editing techniques like removing the background, cleaning distractions, retouching photos to enhance the picture, etc. before applying the shadow to the image.

Our professional can handle your image with these types of shadowing techniques:

  • Drop Shadow Creation:  Our shadow experts will create a perfect drop shadow next to your product using the latest professional tools. It will make your product look eye-catching on your site.
  • Natural Shadow Creation: Due to some lighting and camera angles, the shadow might be missing from the product. Our professional experts will create an artificial shadow to make your image look natural.
  • Cast Shadow Creation: If your image has a perfect shadow but a blurry background that needs to be changed. Our specialist can expertly remove the background and apply a new background to make the picture look perfect with keeping its natural shadow intact.
  • Reflection Shadow Creation: Our mirror effect services can give an attractive look to your product. The final look will showcase your product on a glass or mirror surface showing all the parts of the product. The mirror effect is ideal for Glass bottles, plastic bottles, electronic equipment, etc.

Why choose us? 

Our highly professional graphic designers have more than 5 to 10 years of experience in the field. We always use the latest graphics software to do the image shadowing according to our customer’s demands. Providing the perfect imagery solution to our client is the first and leading object for our organization. While providing our services, we make sure:

  • to give 100% satisfactory results to our clientele
  • professional and dedicated team to solve your imagery needs
  • to deliver the final product on time
  • offer the best affordable prices to our customers
  • provide the best customer service



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