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Image Manipulation

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Image Manipulation refers to a process of enhancing, manipulating and transforming an image by using different methods and techniques to get desired results that you have in your mind and look pleasant to your eyes.  Through image manipulation, we can give an image such a look that is totally different from the original one. No one can figures out what this image was before. But sometimes this image manipulation process is used intentionally to deceive the audience. Normally photo Manipulation is used for business or sometimes for social media. This process can do for artistic reasons. Through image manipulation, such a clear and beautiful picture can be created that can convey its message properly.

Uses of Image Manipulation

Images can be manipulated for entertainment, artistic reasons, or to enhance the appearance of a subject. photo manipulation can be used to manipulate personal images. It is also used for weddings and special events photography.

1. Use for Advertisement

The photo Manipulation service is basically, used to create a photograph more beautiful and charming than before. Most often it is used for advertisement purposes. The most popular usage of Images Manipulation is to handle Book covers, Magazines, and albums. To convey a message to the buyer in an entertaining way, Images are manipulated dramatically and an artistic way through this process.

2. Use for Fashion

The world of glamour photography has heavily influenced by image manipulation. photo Manipulation is utilized to enhance a model’s appearance. Changing the skin complexion, hair color, body shape, and other features of the model, all can be done with image manipulation. photo manipulation is also used for personal images to enhance beauty i.e. changing hair color or add shine in hairs, removing blemishes, whitens teeth, fixing wrinkles, smooth skin, and even the size can also be reduced by manipulating the picture through image manipulation process.

3. Use for E-commerce Website

Photo Manipulation is used for E-commerce websites extensively. For selling their products, they need to display the product images neat and clean on their store. If the product phots have some background distraction, shadow issue, or color issue, then the customers don’t like those images. They don’t take the product into consideration if they don’t understand it. That is why photo Manipulation is applied to eliminate all the problems from the photos and make them flawless.

Basic Techniques of Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation Techniques are challenging but not such difficult to experiment with. The following are some of the basic techniques of photo manipulation.

Background Color- The background of an image can easily change through the image of manipulation if it doesn’t match the picture or totality of the presentation. We can also attach effects to the background and can change its color also.

Shadow- Shadow is a very successful technique of image manipulation. If you want to make an image as realistic as possible, the shadow effect can use to create a realistic image.  Shadow effect is utilized to bring those things on an image that would never occur in the world.

Multiple Images- We can use various images in Image of manipulation. We can combine multiple images to make a point to communicate our message through images.

Color Blending- We can use the Color Blending technique to match the background with the image, text, and other elements on the page. Color blending makes images blend with each other and the work seems wonderful.

Proportion- Proportion is a very important technique in image manipulation. When we combine images, resizing of the images is important to make the images realistic as you can’t display your dog bigger than your house. Proportion makes your task amazingly realistic.

Emphasis- When we want to create a design, we should set an area as a focal point and emphasize it to make it a sharp, vibrant and brightest part to draw the viewer’s eyes directly on this point.

Image Cropping and Fitting- Proper cropping and fitting of images in your design make your work of art beautiful and genuine.

Our Image Manipulation Service

Our experts and well-trained photo editors provide High-quality Image Manipulation service. Have a look at our services;

  • Professional Manipulation
  • Album Design Manipulation
  • Old photo Restoration through Photo manipulation
  • Complex Photo Manipulation
  • Various effects adding
  • Merging multiple images
  • Converting photographs into paintings, sketches or cartoons
  • Complex color blending images
  • Background replacement
  • Cropping and enlarging

We use the latest Image manipulation techniques to satisfy our clients.


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