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Background Remove in Photoshop

Background Remove in Photoshop

Background Remove in photoshop is a unique technique used to remove the background of the picture to eradicate the undesired items from it. Sometimes, when we click the pictures, some pictures have dark, dim, obscure or blur backgrounds. So removing the background from those pictures and alters them with some nice background makes the pictures charming and beautiful. All this process is known as the Background Removal Process.

Best tools for remove Background from Image:

Background Eraser Tool- There is different photo editing software available, each software has some tools, and the background eraser tool is one of them. You can easily remove the unwanted areas of an image by using background eraser tool. You just need to learn how to use this tool.

Channel Mask to remove background- Channel Mask is a unique tool, available in photo editing software. You can use a channel mask to remove unwanted things in background with minimum use of background eraser tool.

Pen Tool to remove Background-  Most of the photo editors use the pen tool to remove the background of the photo. When non-professional Photo editors use the magic eraser tool and channel mask tool to remove background, they can have many drawbacks. To remove the background perfectly without leaving any portion of background in images, the pen tool is used.

Multiple Clipping Path- Multiple clipping path means to use multiple layers to remove the background of the photo. By using multiple clipping path, each and every part of the image can be separated along from background.

Categories of Background Removal Service:

We have categorized the background removal service according to the subject in the image. Following are some;

Simple Shaped Subject- In this category, background removal service needs for pictures that have simply shaped subjects (T-shirt, ring, wristwatch, shoes, chair, earing) and have little curves, anchor points. This process needs not many paths. Designers work with pictures that have many holes.

Basic Shaped Subject- Background removal service for pictures that have basic shaped subjects (mobile, ball, book, plate, egg, spoon) and have less than six anchor points. The pictures have curved, straight, and round subjects with not any hole. This process needs a single path.

Medium Shaped Subject- In this category, remove background from photos that have images with many anchor points, many holes or enclosed transparency. Group watches, Group bracelets, Group shoes, motor parts, group foods, group rings, etc are products in the images.

Complex Shaped Subject- Image Background removal service for the complex-shaped product images that have a lot of curves, anchor points, holes or transparency i.e. furniture, Chain, group people, jewellery, furry doll, cycle, etc. This process needs multi-paths.

Super Complex Shaped Subject- Background removes from photo with the super complex-shaped subjects i.e. fences, group photo, gate, trees, fabrics, etc.

How to easily remove a background in Photoshop?

How to remove a background in photoshop can be a really critical task, especially if the background is extremely intricate or if the material you want to cut out has lots of hair or fur. Just assume the subject of your photograph surrounded by a totally complex background.  You’ll have to separate the background of the original picture first before you can place your subject into a completely new scene. It’s a difficult art and not only needs the eraser tool, but a lot of tools in Photoshop can also help in it.  You must not be a graphic designer to do so, you can learn here that how to easily remove a background in Photoshop.

Background Remove in Photoshop

Photoshop provides various methods to remove a background from photography. You can use the standard magic wand tool for a simple image, to pick and erase the background in the best way.  If you are stuck in more complicated photograph, you can apply the Background Eraser tool. You don’t need to worry about blending backgrounds, or working with extensive areas of plain white, Photoshop allows you to attach the subject in any image that you want. There are a lot of ways to remove the background, depend on how complex your image is. Find out in steps, how you can remove the background of an image in Photoshop;

Easy Steps to Remove a Background

Step 1: Open the Image

The first step is, start the Photoshop app on your Mac or PC. The image you wish to remove the background, open that image in Adobe Photoshop by clicking File and then open the photo from the top menu. Here I am using Adobe CS5 to give you an understanding of the background removal techniques.

Step 2: Choose Background Eraser Tool

The second step is, select the background eraser tool. To select the best, there are several tools you can utilize, but the most comfortable tools to use are the Quick Selection Tool and the Magic Wand Tool for newcomers. There’s another tool that can be more reliable, Lasso Tool, but it takes longer to use.

You can understand here, how to utilize the Quick Selection Tool to remove background, then we’ll move on to the Magic Wand tool, and lastly, we’ll apply the Lasso tool. We can also use a combination of all three selected tools, it can be most efficient. Select the Quick Selection Tool from the left side toolbar, right-click the Object Selection Tool and click the third icon, an icon looks like a solid rectangle enclosed by a dotted line and proceed.

Step 3: Use Quick Selection Tool for Background Removal

I. Quick Selection tool setting

For removing background in the best way, the Quick Selection tool setting is required, make sure to press the shift key to use the Quick Selection tool with the ‘+’ in the midst. Pick the background of the subject that you’d want to cut out by clicking and dragging throughout the area. If your subject is complicated, you don’t need to be too perfect with complex things like hair or fur, you can work on edge later in the process. Click and move your mouse on the unwanted background. As you click and drag, a crowd of marching ants or selection expands and develops.

How to remove a background in photoshop

During the selection of background, if you unintentionally select something you didn’t want to, no need to worry about it. Press and hold the alt key on your keyboard to utilize ‘-‘ Quick Selection tool and remove the accidentally selected area of the background. Release the ‘Alt’ or ‘Option’ key when you think you’re set to continue your selection again. Press shift key again before start it again.

To work in more difficult sections that cover both background and subject, Zoom-in closer.  Reduce your brush to 1px, can help catch the smallest details. When your subject is completed within a selection, you’re ready to proceed.

     II. Clarify the Edges

After selecting the background removal area, right-click on marching ants and click ‘Refine Edge’ from the pop-up menu. Fine-tune your choosing section for more reliable results with the help of Refine Edge dialogue. Edit the View Mode to ‘On White’ or any option that clearly contrasts with your choosing section. The parts of your edge that need the most maintenance, it will help you to see.

To soften the rough ends of your selected areas, enhance the Smooth value slider under Adjust Edge. Smoothing can help more than others adjust additional sliders. When finished, click ok to apply.

   III. View your selection on a new layer

Now choose Layer by right click within your selection. Click the ‘Add Layer Mask’ button at the bottom of the Layers panel, the background will be gone. It will not seem good yet, though, but you can apply the Refine Mask tools to fix it. Without editing your original photo, your selection can attach to a new layer, sans background. To view your completed section against the original photograph, remove the visibility of your original background layer. When the background removed, use your creativity to create a new background for your subject.

Step 4: Use Magic Wand Tool

   I. Magic Wand Tool Setting

You can try the Magic Wand tool if you think that the Quick Selection tool is critical to use. The Magic Wand tool works in a better way for those background areas that are reasonably obvious. If you want to work on a small detail, require the Pen tool or other methods. We will talk about it later. Find the Magic Wand Tool in the same place as you find the Quick Selection tool on your toolbar. Just click on it.

Clicking on a part of the background you want to remove. Enhance the tolerance for more excellent selection, it can be found along the top of your Photoshop window. Increase it to 10 or 15 for better performance. Adjust the range of color values you want to choose at once:  If you increase the tolerance value and it will select a wider range of colors, if you decrease the value, it will pick a narrower range.

Add your selection by using the Magic Wand tool, hold down the shift button, and click on other areas of the background you want to remove. To remove the accidentally selected areas, hold down alt as you’re clicking.

    II. Clear things with Layer Mask

Although the Magic Wand tool is a smart cutout tool, there is also a downside,  that you can’t get the clean edges of the subject and it can also leave stray pixels in the background, if you are working on multiple selections. By following some tricks, you can adjust both things.

For example, when you select the background using the magic wand tool and setting tolerance according to the image, the background you selected, create a mask on it instead of deleting.

First, you have to invert your selected area. Click Inverse under the Select menu, or you can use shortcut cmd+shift+I).
Click the Add Layer Mask at the bottom of the Layer panel.

    III. Pick up Stray Pixels by using Layer Mask

Click on the new layer button at the bottom of the Layers panel to create a new layer, by doing this you can see, how neat the edges are. Now fill a solid bright color in the layer and put it below your mask layer. You can check the magic wand tool limitations by zooming it and also can see the rough edges and stray pixels.

If you can use a mask when editing your picture means pixels are not removed, just hidden, so you can edit the masks by removing or repainting in portions of the original image.

    IV. Use the Brush tool to neaten things

Layer Masks are used to clean up your image. But to get rid of any stray background pixels, a brush tool is used.

Alt-click on the Layer Mask thumbnail in the Layer panel. By clicking, your artboard will convert to the black and white Layer Mask design. Keep your foreground color black, click on a Paintbrush tool, and fill in those stray pixels and neaten the edges of your picture. To decrease or increase the brush size, use the [   ] keys, and fill larger or smaller areas of your artboard.

Now exit the Layer Mask view and get back to the background image, reselect the Layer Mask thumbnail to activate it. Use the Brush tool to clean up the harsh and rough edges of the image and take some time to do this work neatly.

The areas which have more variation in color, go back to Magic Wand tool, raise the Tolerance value, and make a better selection, and then implement this to Layer Mask.

Step 5: Use Lasso Tool

    1) Lasso Tool Setting

If you think that the Quick Selection and Magic Wand tools are not perfect enough, you should select the Lasso tool. You can find it just above the two selection tools on the toolbar. Click on the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Click along the edge of the subject to draw a line that will become the selection finally. Click many times, your selection will be more precise – Whenever the outline of your subject changes direction, even slightly, you should click on it.

When the line has drawn all the way around the subject, double click to turn the drawn line into a selection or pick the very first point you made, a little circle comes next to your curser.

    2) Use Layer Mask & Refine Mask Menu

Now click the ‘Add Layer Mask’ button at the bottom of the Layers panel, the background will be gone. Use the refine mask tool to fix it. Double click on the mask in your layers panel and then select the “Mask edge” in the pop-up box. Refine Mask menu will appear, do changes according to the image.

First, click ‘Show Radius’. Adjust the radius slider and make sure that the radius is clean all of the stray hairs and getting cleared the background between them. Uncheck show radius and get back to refine mask menu. Use the sliders to adjust the mask, until you’ll not happy with the outcome. Click ok to see your image on an invisible background.

To add the background, open any background image in photoshop and simply drag the selected subject on the background. You can adjust the size of the subject by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + T. Click on the tick to apply. You can use any of these tools to remove the background from the image easily and quickly. However, you can check our background removal services.

Our Background Removal Services

We provide background removal services for E-commerce businesses, photographers, advertising agencies, and online retailers according to their demands. Following are our services;

Existing Background Removal

We remove the existing background from the picture. We separate the product from the background in the picture. This work is mostly done for E-commerce websites that want to show their products separately.

Adding white background

We offer white background service. In this, we remove the background from the picture and turned it into a white background. The product with the white background looks clean and focused to draw the customers.

Adding Transparent Background

This is an excellent service used for many purposes.

By adding a transparent background, many product images can accumulate together for display. In this method, a specific portion is selected in the picture to cutout and adding a transparent background on it.

Adding any custom Background

We also provide service of adding any custom background with the client’s demand. Sometimes by adding a custom background after removing the original background can make a dull picture bright, beautiful and amazing. We can covert the unpleasant appearance of a picture to an elegant look.

We have well trained and expert photo editors who can provide high-quality background removal services. We do not use any automated background removal software, our designers do all the work manually. Our hand-drawn background removal services are of the highest quality. We use the latest tools and software to remove the background from the picture. Our company guarantees exceptional services. We always work according to our client’s demands. Our customer’s satisfaction is our first priority.

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